How to Send an Email Using Gmail

by Benny


Sending an email using Gmail is as saying 1-2-3. Just use the following steps –

1.    Login to your Gmail account. For this you will need to open the URL on your browser

2.    Enter your username and password into the login box and click “Sign in”
3.    You will be redirected to your Gmail account page.

4.    There should be a red button saying “Compose’ on the left. Click it
5.    a new page will open up as shown in the picture below

6.    In order to send an email enter the email address of the recipient, enter a subject and then compose the message in box provided below.

Entering a subject is not mandatory but is recommended as most email service providers consider an email without a subject as a spam. There are built-in spam filters even with Gmail which often block messages which are sent without a subject line. The message composing box has a built in spell checker and several other formatting buttons. You can use them to bold, stylize, realign the text, create links in your message, or even change the font face and size.

If you intend to send the message to more than one email addresses you can add additional email addresses in either the “To” box or the “CC” box.

Although these are often not considered to be mandatory for professional emails but they are widely used in personal level correspondences and add a bit of color and fun to your messages. However please be very careful when sending messages with bold and capitalized letters. They are generally considered “shouting” and rude. If you’re unfamiliar with the person simply send an unformatted message with the proper salutation and signature.

7.    Once you have successfully sent an email, the following message will be shown.

8.    If you have sent an email without the right email address, your message is liable to “bounce” or return back to you with a “delivery failure” report. The most common mistakes that users do are miss-type the recipient email address. Another mistake that is common is not to type a domain part. An email is composed of three parts. First is the local part say “xyz”, next is the separator which is the “@’ sign and lastly the domain part say “”. Not entering any of the parts correctly will mean that your message will be returned back to you.

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